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ABA Speech Collaboration



Welcome to 49 Main Street West Grimsby!

Are you interested in ABA/Speech Therapy Collaboration? 

At our Grimsby location we offer speech language therapy sessions within your child’s scheduled ABA therapy sessions. 

The collaboration between ABA and Speech therapy is vital to ensuring success of the learner. BCBAs and SLP’s are instrumental members of treatment teams who share a similar end goal of increasing expressive and receptive communication skills, aiding in independence, safety, and quality of life. BCBAs and SLPs each bring forth professional training, knowledge, and experience that when combined can aid in greater skill development and success. 


  1. Prevents unnecessary replication or conflicting interventions or treatments 

  2. Promotes high quality comprehensive service delivery 

  3. Less travel time between service providers = less time your child is required to be taken out of school or extracurriculars 

  4. Team meetings with your SLP and BCBA can be scheduled to make the most of your time at the centre instead of arranging multiple meetings with different service providers

  5. You will no longer need to be the middleman between service providers 

  6. Allows for consultation between professionals to ensure the most effective therapy is in place 

  7. Increases the number of learning opportunities that your child receives 


1:1 ABA Therapy + 

Speech Sessions

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Parent Mediated ABA + Speech Therapy

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