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All clients will receive an invoice upon completion of each session, which can be submitted for insurance claims under extended health benefit plans.  

Rates are based on the recommended fee schedule provided by the Ontario Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA).

Speech Language Pathologist:

Starting at $140/hour for billable services, which include:​

  • Treatment

  • Consultation

  • ​Report Writing

Assessments/Initial appointments start at:

  • $130 for a 30 minute speech evaluation

  • $160 for a 45 minute speech/language/literacy evaluation

  • $190 for a 60 minute speech/language/literacy evaluation


Additional services available based on clients needs (e.g., translation services, programming communication devices)

Travel fees start at $25 per visit. 

Communication Disorders Assistant:

Starting at $110/hour for billable services, which include:

  • Treatment

  • Consultation

  • Documentation

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