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Are you an ECE or parent interested in learning more about literacy?

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Early Childhood Educator Coach, Anisha Angella, to offer a FREE workshop on literacy!

There is so much information available, but it can become overwhelming trying to 'untangle' all it and then creating a system to apply the information to support learners.  I am so excited to share with you years of 'untangling' and working with children to help them become successful readers!  I will walk you through the research, talk about the difference between two mainstream approaches (balanced literacy and science of reading) and provide you with hands on, fun ideas that you can take back to your home and/or classroom!  

Register Here!



Empower Communication Services provides assessment and treatment of your child's ability to express themselves and their ability to understand language.  We use formal and informal assessment and tailor it to each child's needs.


Speech refers to HOW your child is pronouncing words and making sounds.  If others are having a difficult time understanding your child, if your child is struggling to make certain sounds, and/or if your child has difficulty pronouncing words, reach out to us today for a free screening!


Language refers to WHAT your child is saying and understanding.  It includes expressive language (what your child is saying or doing to communicate with you) and receptive language (what your child is understanding).  If your child is not saying many words, not using lengthy, grammatically correct sentences and/or your child is having difficulty understanding directions and answering questions, reach out to us today for a free screening!


Literacy refers to a child's ability to read and spell.  It includes knowledge of letter names and sounds, ability to blend and segment sounds, their understanding of text and ability to recall words and stories.  If your child is demonstrating difficulty with sounding words out while reading and/or spelling of words, reach out to us today for a free screening! 


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Empower Communication Services is a private Speech Language Pathology practice in the Niagara Region servicing children of all ages and abilities in the areas of speech, language, and literacy.

We offer virtual and in person sessions at our clinic located centrally in the Niagara Region.

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